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Welcome to the steam and power forum's jurisdictional section. Purpose is to be able to readily lookup jurisdictional stationary engineers requirements in Canada and the the Canadain Providences as well as the United States of America and the States and Cities. If corrections are needed please Email Us. We will be adding other countries in 2013.
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Tennessee Operating Engineers License

Tennessee Dept of Labor & Workforce Development
Division of Boiler Inspection
710 James Robertson Parkway, Third Floor
Nashville, TN 37243-0663

No State jurisdictional Boiler or Refrigeration Operator's License Law at this time.


City of Memphis / Shelby County

City of Memphis and Shelby County have a unique relationship. They have a joint partnership in administering Steam Engineer's and Refrigeration Engineer's licensing for operators. Also, the county seat is in the City of Memphis.

First, the City of Memphis has an active statute on boiler attendents as follows:

Sec. 14-12-48. Boiler attendants.permanent link to this piece of content

Every owner or user of any boiler or steam generating apparatus, when such equipment is in use, shall have a licensed engineer of the grade required on duty at all times as provided for in section 46-12 of the city's 1967 Code of Ordinances.

(Code 1967, § 45-68; Code 1985, § 42-72)

This is where the County of Shelby comes in, for the County administers a Mechanical Contractor license program, which is a joint commission of the joint Memphis and Shelby County Mechanical / Gas Code Board consisting of:

  • Four members appointed by the mayor of Memphis and confirmed by the Memphis City Council
    Four members appointed by the Shelby County mayor and confirmed by the Shelby County Commission

Now, all licenses expire December 31 each year and must be renewed in December.

Reciprocal agreements don't allow using another state's license in Tennessee, but provides a trade exam waiver, only.

In addition, these are the grades of operating engineer's licenses.

First-Class Steam and Refrigerating Operating Engineer
Third-Class Steam and Refrigerating Operating Engineer

First-Class Steam Operating Engineer
Third-Class Steam Operating Engineer

First-Class Refrigeration Engineer
Third-Class Refrigeration Engineer

There is no second-class or 2nd Class license in the City of Memphis or Shelby County.

An applicant for a First Class Unlimited or a Third Class Limited Refrigeration

  1. Proficiency Contractor’s License must:
    1. Be 21 years of age or older
    2. Have a minimum of four years experience for a First Class Unlimited Refrigeration Proficiency License or two years experience for a Third Class Limited Refrigeration Proficiency License (qualified experience is defined as full-time employment and actively engaged in either installation and/or design in the appropriate field)

An applicant for a First Class or Third Class Steam / Refrigeration Operating Engineer’s License must :

  1. Read and write
  2. Be a minimum of 21 years of age for a First Class License or 19 years of age for a Third Class License
  3. Hold and utilize a Third Class License for a minimum of two years in order to obtain a First Class License: This Third Class License holding requirement may be waived by the chief mechanical inspector if the applicant furnishes acceptable proof of five years qualified experience or if the applicant shows that he is the holder of a current, comparable First Class License from another jurisdiction. Qualified experience, as used here, is limited to experience in steam boiler / refrigeration construction, fabrication, repair, or practical operation.
  4. Have qualified experience, which is limited to experience in steam boiler / refrigeration construction, fabrication, repair, or practical operations for a minimum of one year for Third Class licenses

The bottom-line is to be an operator, you must hold a contractor license, even though you are not a contractor, to show you have the same competency. For applications contact:

Joint Commission Administrator
6465 Mullins Station Rd.
Memphis, TN 38134

Ph: (901) 222-8300


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